Pure Madi at City Clay, February 2013

Pure Madi 1

Gallery exhibit open: Jan 25-Feb 1

First Friday reception: Feb 1, 5:00-7:00

City Clay is pleased to host an exhibit by the non-profit Charlottesville-based organization PureMadi for their new and exciting development in water purification. The MadiDrop is a small ceramic disk that when dropped into a water container, passively purifies the water. It is small, inexpensive, and easily transported. The use of these discs has far reaching implications for everything from disaster relief to water challenged communities. PureMadi efforts are currently directed to rural South Africa, where there is an unfortunate confluence of low-quality water and high rates of HIV infection. The organization is working to train local South African potters to fabricate these water filters and purifiers to stimulate local enterprise and provide a sustainable, community-based solution to regional water quality problems. PureMadi will host its one-year anniversary celebration and auction at Alumni Hall on Friday, February 8th. Tickets are available at www.puremadi.org.