Celebrating the Every Day Pot • September 8 – October 3, 2015

Nan Rothwell

Opening Reception and Artist Talk, Friday, September 11, 5:30-7:00

Nan Rothwell makes functional stoneware and salt glazed pottery in her City Clay studio and then fires her work at her former studio in Nelson County.  Nan has been potting and teaching clay classes and workshops in Virginia since 1973.  She got her initial training in clay working in private studios and studying at the Harrow School of Art in England.
This show features new work including lamps and decorative pieces, plus a number of small pieces made for everyday use.  Nan has always loved the connection between maker and user inherent in functional pots. Pots are personal.  When we use tableware made by hand, we connect with the original maker.
People have been making pottery since before recorded history.  The ancient process of transforming clay into hardened vessels and forms is universal.  As modern potters, we connect with that deeply human endeavor.
Nan Rothwell pitcher